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The PPC Agency is a digital advertising agency based in Leeds, UK.


We specialize in white label PPC management and helping small businesses optimise & grow their digital marketing campaigns. As an official Google Partner, we have expert-level certified account managers and a proven track record of driving continuous growth.

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About The PPC Agenc


We pride ourselves with building effective campaigns and pixel perfect attention to detail. We specialize in a variety of Pay Per Click platforms, including Google ads, social media & native advertising. Backed by data and with ROI in mind, we take a cost-effective, structured approach to advertising your brand.


When you work with us, the PPC Agency becomes an extension of your business. We think, plan and work for you, building strategies and tactics to achieve your core goals and optimal profits. 


Data Driven

Your business can grow and transform through automation & data-driven strategies. Our methods harness AI and different digital channels to help you stay ahead of the competition and get the best results. 

Our clients are small and medium-sized businesses from various industries, including fashion, SaaS, iGaming, finance, charities and retail.  Our services go beyond simple pay per click advertising - we track how your clients perform after acquisition, their lifetime value, engagement and quality.  

We keep you ahead of competition and in front of your customers

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At The PPC Agency we take time to understand your business and objectives and work through your account performance. We will keep you in the loop and continuously update on your account's performance, and you will work directly with the PPC specialists optimising your campaigns, no sales people.

Already tried Pay Per Click but that didn't work for your business? We can help you turn unsuccessful accounts into profitable sources of traffic. We will identify the issues behind your poor ROAS and restructure your account.

Whether you need simple product insights, lead generation campaigns to sustain your business or look for new ways to engage your audiences, we are here to help.

We insist on having a positive impact on everything, from our clients performance to the environment. The PPC Agency has teamed up with Ecologi to offset our carbon footprint and plant 100 trees for every business we work with and offset our employee's carbon footprint.

  • Do you offer white-label Google ads management?
    Yes we do.
  • What services do you specialise in?
    We specialize in a variety of Pay Per Click platforms, including search engine & display ads, social media & native advertising. Some of the platforms we work with are Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, Facebook/Instagram, Reddit, LinkedIn, Taboola & Propeller Ads.​ We don't offer Amazon/Ebay PPC, graphic design, social media management, web development, SEO or any other service unrelated to pay per click advertising.
  • Do you work with charities and Google Ads Grants?
    Yes! Please get in touch with us, we offer a discounted rate for non-profit organisations and an excellent Google Grants management package. ​ We can help you increase search engine visibility, attract donors and volunteers and make the most of your Google Ads grant.
  • What's included in account set up?
    Different platforms require different set up. Your contract with us will outline the scope of work. Our pay per click set up usually includes ​ Market & Competitor Analysis, including ​ Analysing competitor paid social media creatives, paid search engine keywords and display ads (where available) Keyword research (where applicable) Budget & campaign planning Campaign Set Up & Pre-Optimisation, including Premium click fraud software implementation Creating tailored ad copy using expanded text ads and responsive search ads, with dynamic keyword and location insertion (where applicable) Creating merchant feeds (where applicable) Setting up display and remarketing campaigns with responsive, static & html5 ads (where applicable) Setting up multiple conversions (where applicable) Granular approach, including Precise county or state geo-targeting TSAS ad schedule Creating custom audiences for targeting and observation Device adjustments Pre-written negative keywords list, tailored to your account
  • What's included in PPC account management?
    Access to BETA features exclusive to Google Partners Premium click fraud software subscription Data-driven changes where needed, to help the account achieve optimal performance. Some examples of pay per click account maintenance and optimisation include adding negative keywords and making device, keyword, location and demographic bid adjustments Maintaining up-to-date merchant feeds & supplemental feeds Reports reflecting your best performing demographics, locations and devices; product best sellers; best and worst performing keywords; costs and an overview of the changes made on your account Refreshing ad creative and ad copy. Updating the design or content of HTML5 ads, display ads and text ads Taking other actions to help the account achieve optimal performance, profit and growth.
  • What businesses do you work with?
    At The PPC Agency we work with small and medium sized businesses, whose monthly pay per click budget is anywhere between £2,000 to £150,000.
Brands We Worked With


We keep our clients at the forefront of digital marketing and build their campaigns based on quality, sustained growth and learning.


The PPC Agency currently works with UK based financial companies, B2B suppliers, charities, a variety of ecommerce brands, US-based tech and SaaS companies and technology manufacturers.

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Get in touch with us to discuss how we can help you generate leads, increase sales and improve conversions.

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