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2020:Our First Year In Review

The PPC Agency launched in January 2020, with the mission to help small businesses access expert digital marketing knowledge and grow their brands. Little did we know how intense our first year would be!

The past year was challenging for nearly all companies in all industries - some faced difficulties with supply and demand, others had to achieve more results with less resources and some weren't prepared to fully digitalise their presence. The pandemic and Brexit changed the markets companies operate in, as well as consumer behaviour.

Despite the challenges, restrictions and having to navigate an new reality, our clients and ourselves proved to be resilient and being able to adapt. In the past 12 months we supported businesses from across the globe and helped them smash their marketing objectives, reach new clients, and most importantly, increase their revenue as much as possible.

We worked really hard to deliver the best results for our clients, as well users across the internet. During our first year we managed just over half a million pounds in marketing budget and connected over 120,000 users across the globe with products and services they needed.

In 2020 our clients got more than 18,575 conversions from different platforms and our retail clients generated £225,022.26 in sales revenue. The PPC Agency proudly helped US & UK based clothing and jewellery retailers, as well as financial companies in the UK, tech start-ups in US and supported local NGOs.

We not only helped users discover incredible new products and business, we also started a campaign calling for online advertising transparency. After an increased number of impersonator websites and numerous emails to government bodies and search engines, we are still fighting to introduce compulsory ID checks for advertisers.

It is a part of our mission to make the internet a safer, more transparent place. Throughout 2021, we will continue to campaign for stricter advertising regulations. We believe that influencing consumer behaviour and using trusted channels should be a privilege reserved only for honest and transparent businesses.

In 2020 we also became Google Partners - the partners badge is an official accreditation from Google, reserved for agencies who have consistently achieved exceptional results in Google Ads management.

Being a part of the Google Partners programme provides our marketing agency with certain benefits, such as specialized training and invitations to exclusive events.

To be accredited with the Google Partner status, there’s specific criteria agencies have to meet. There are certain company performance benchmarks, which show that we continuously improve campaign performance for our customers. This includes driving conversions, increasing brand awareness and maintaining continued growth. We pride ourselves with excellent client retention rate and exceeding performance forecasts.

Another criteria we had to meet was account spend - this shows that as a digital marketing agency we have a good amount of activity. Our clients can rest assured that their marketing budget is handled by specialists who know how to manage our clients' accounts. Being able to control large budgets and not waste ad spend is a fundamental skill for a PPC account manager.

One of the most important parts of becoming a Google partner are employee Google Academy Certifications. To be recognised as a Google Partner, an agency needs to have PPC experts who regularly pass Google Certification exams, designed to test our knowledge and ensure we are up-to-date with the latest platform updates and trends. Our clients can take confidence knowing that their account will be managed to the highest standards, by people who know exactly what they’re doing.

This is one of the most fundamental aspects of qualifying to become a Google Partner Agency. Google regularly checks to ensure all certifications are current, and that account management within the agency meets Google’s standards for best practices. Here is what our product capabilities mean for our clients:

Search Specialisation: The PPC Agency is recognised by Google as being capable of creating and optimising ads that show up on Google Search. We can also advise on keyword strategy and budget planning.

Video: This specialisation indicates our expertise in implementing and optimizing YouTube ad campaigns. Video ads are excellent for increasing brand awareness and product consideration, as well as driving user action.

Display: This certification area gives us the means to create compelling visual ads that snag the attention of customers on two million sites and 650,000 apps in Google’s combined networks.

Shopping: As a Shopping Advertising Google Partner, we know how to place products on Google Search and set up your Merchant Centre inventory. We can put your products across thousands of users, actively searching for your product across all Google properties.

This year and the years beyond, we want to continue helping businesses through sharing our knowledge and look forward to reaching new heights in 2021.


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